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Ecological Field Training in the Boreal Forest Zone

Authors team. Ecological Field Training in the Boreal Forest Zone. A manual for students and teachers. – Moscow, A.N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution RASc, 2001. – 190 pages.

The boreal forest in the transition zone between the temperate forests and the Russian taiga consists of a most valuable set of ecosystems. Inland virgin taiga woods still exist near secondary forests. Vast wetlands are found along the rivers but the harvesting of wood has deeply influenced the quality of water bodies and nature.

The research station of thee Russian Academy of Sciences, near Manturovo, in the Kostroma oblast, offers students and researches a golden opportunity to study the natural and cultural aspects of this region.

This book is a methodological manual for field training in this environment. It describes in an interdisciplinary manner the geomorphology, the paedology, botany, zoology, hydro-ecology, geographical information systems (GIS), remote sensing and other aspects of practical field training.

The manual is designed for both teachers and students. Also, people searching for more indepth information on boreal ecosystems will find this publication most valuable.